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Past Due Returns


Per IRC section 6511, the amount of time you have to claim and receive your refund is subject to limitation.  That alone may be an incentive to some to file their past due tax returns.  Furthermore, if you are self-employed and live in a country that has not entered into a totalization agreement with the United States, the only way for the Social Security Administration to know that you had profit from business is for you to file a federal income tax return.


If you have not filed your returns for quite some time, inquire whether you are eligible to file under the IRS Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures.  

We offer a preliminary consultation designed to make a determination as to whether you are eligible and whether the streamlined procedures are suitable to your particular circumstances.  To most of those who qualify we offer a package price of $1,675.00, which covers preparation of three years of income tax returns and an assistance with the preparation of the Form 14653 certification.  The package price will not extend to any special circumstances such as a necessity of a Passive Foreign Investment Company reporting, or a requirement to file reports in regard to certain foreign corporations, foreign partnerships and/or foreign disregarded entities (Forms 5471, 8865 and 8858).   


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